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neck.   Mr. Munn had to tilt it to wet the point of the


"I'll be damned,'1 Mr. Christian remarked, "it's aggra-
vating, now. There ain't much writing goes on around here,
I never was much of a hand to be writing letters and such,
but, by God, when the time comes when a man does want
to do a little writing, looks like there'd be some ink in the

" It'll do all right," Mr. Munn said.

'* It's aggravating," Mr. Christian reiterated.

Mr. Munn wrote down two names: Joseph Foster, Murray
Mill Pike, Bardsville; and Kimball G. Snider, Strawberry
Creek Ford, Morganstown Pike, Bardsville.

" I think they'll come in," Mr. Munn reflected. Then he
wrote down another name, Aaron Smythe, and held the pen
meditatively poised.

"That boy of yours," Mr. Christian asked, "now, you
know—what's-his-name—the one whose neck you pulled outer
the rope?"

" Trevelyan—Bunk Trevelyan."

" He's a likely-looking specimen. If he's got any gratitude
and you said a word to him sometime? I bet he'd come in."

Mr. Munn shook his head, holding the pen poised over the
paper. " No, I reckon I won't say anything to him. Now, or
later. He might think he had to join just because I got him
off, that I had some sort of hold on him. But you haven't
got any right to force a man into something like this just out
of gratitude or because you've got a hold on Mm." He wrote
the name down, Harris Trevelyan, and looked around at the
other men. " But you all can speak to him and maybe he'd
come in. Only don't mention my name."

"Well respect your wish, Mr. Munn," Professor Ball

" I don't think of any more right off. I'll think of some
more in the next day or two. Some I can recommend all

"WeVe got a lot to go on right now," Doctor MacDonald